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When growing a beard, it’s easy to think that it’s going to come out looking like you imagined it would. You think you’ll look like Poseidon rising from the depths, men cowering below you and women fawning all around you. But the truth is that no beard grows out perfect. A beard needs regular trims at least every couple weeks. And if you’re growing it out particularly long, you need it even more. Now you may be thinking that trimming that three-foot beard of yours is counterproductive. But no matter what, your beard will look better after a nice trim.


Before a beard trim vs. after

Facial hair grows at different rates. So when your beard starts growing out, it’s going to look scraggly. Hairs right next to each other could be vastly different lengths. You’ll look more like a caveman than the bearded gentleman you want to look like. You want your beard to have a shape to it that looks uniform and groomed, not just a face full of hair life the wolfman.


Another reason to get your beard trimmed is to rid yourself of the split ends that you’ll inevitably get. Split ends cause the hairs to feel rougher than healthy ones. That’s not gonna feel good for you or any person you may be getting “intimate” with. Nobody likes getting poked by a prickly beard. Beard oils definitely help prevent split ends, but they can only do so much. You will get split ends eventually and they will feel and look terrible.


Investing time and money into your beard is a great way to ensure that it looks great. At the Whiskey Neat Barbershop, our barbers are specially trained in the art of beard trimming and will help you get your beard to the best shape it can be. Each visit, our barbers will clean up the lines on your beard and trim off those nasty scraggles. You’ll look and feel better after a visit, guaranteed.

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