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There are certain thoughts one might have when you hear the phrase bachelor party. It’s sure to drum up images of smoky strip clubs, losing all your money at some craps tables, and, as Hollywood portrays with surprising frequency, someone “jokingly” ordering a prostitute. But in 2018, you’re more likely to throw your bachelor party somewhere a bit classier.

So if you find yourself in Music City for your bachelor party, here are some of the best places you can go without throwing your money away on strippers, casinos, or bail.

1. Get ready for a wild night out: Whiskey Neat Barbershop

Before your night of fun begins, why not swing by the Whiskey Neat Barbershop and get a straight razor shave and sip on a glass of whiskey? Everyone can relax in leather chairs, get their hair styled and get a clean shave or beard trim to keep them looking suave, neat, and make all the bridesmaids blush. Look and feel your best and catch a little buzz. Plus all of their products, Whiskey, Ink, & Lace men’s grooming goods, are made right next door for ultimate quality!
Groomsmen packages are available.

2. Have a before (or after) dinner drink: Bar Sovereign

Nashville is of course legendary for its bars and honky tonks, and they certainly make for a fun, wild night. But sometimes it’s nice to sit back with your friends and reminisce in a laidback, fun bar. Bar Sovereign boasts live music and DJs on the weekends, and this place gets bumping after 9am so make sure you show up early to claim the classy wingback chairs in the corner by the fireplace.

3. Have a laugh at your friends’ expense: Dick’s Last Resort

If you and your pals have thick skins and a good sense of humor, Dick’s Last Resort is a great spot for grabbing a bite. Though the food is good, it’s not what makes this downtown restaurant a unique stop. Upon being seated, your very rude waiter will give you a special-made paper hat to don throughout your visit, which the waiter gives a special, often dirty, written message for each member of your bachelor party. A personal favorite: “Glasses aren’t the only thing I like sitting on my face.” Certainly a dining experience you and your friends won’t soon forget.



4. Live out your Back to the Future fantasies: Nashville Flyboard

Certainly a one of a kind experience, you and the guys will float twenty feet above the surface of Percy Priest Lake with a Zapata Racing Flyboard, Hoverboard, or Jet Pack. Only a fifteen minute drive from downtown Nashville, fly around like Marty McFly and try something completely new. Best if not consumed with alcohol. Group rates are available.


5. Have some manly competition: Throw Nashville

Live like what we imagine Vikings lived like and chuck axes at targets with your friends. The sport of ax throwing has been growing quickly in the US and having a friendly competition between friends before the big day is just the thing you need to help keep those jitters away. The dull thud of an axe slamming into a big, wooden target is incredibly satisfying.


6 Live your American Idol dreams: Santa’s Pub

Far from the sardine can that is Broadway and it’s generic karaoke bars, Santa’s Pub is a beacon of Christmas lights in the distance. With beers starting at $2 and karaoke every night at 7pm (9pm on Sundays), Santa’s is always a surefire way to have a blast with people who just don’t give a shit.


7. Have Some Class and Some Fun: Skull’s Rainbow Room

Okay, we cheated with this one, just a tad. It’s not a strip club. It’s a bar with nightly cabaret, which makes it classy. Tucked away downtown in Printer’s Alley, Skull’s Rainbow Room is a laidback, cozy bar with nightly burlesque shows. Get your typical stripper bachelor party experience with a refined twist.


Really, you’re in Nashville, so you can’t go wrong with a bachelor party here. We just think these are the classier, less traveled routes to go.

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Mike Wargo is a food, drink, and travel writer based out of Nashville, TN. Born and raised in South Bend, IN, he relocated to Nashville after graduating Ball State University in 2016. He likes expensive whiskey, cheap food, and the Whiskey, Ink, and Lace warehouse cat, Basil.

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